Slide4Welcome to the Green Lab!

In the Green Lab, we are broadly interested in the fundamental molecular mechanisms governing the epigenetic regulation of the genome and its integration with cellular signaling pathways. In particular, we aim to understand how post-translational modifications of proteins regulate critical biological functions, including the establishment of proper states of gene expression and the ability of cells to respond to stress. To address our research questions, we use a diversity of approaches in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, genomics and proteomics in the model eukaryote Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The Green Lab is located in the Department of Biological Sciences at UMBC. Follow the Green Lab on Twitter!


Recent Lab News

Nov 2023: Our work on SMYD3 is published in  Science Advances. Congrats Sabeen and team!

Nov 2023: Seun, Brandon, and Emmanuel attend and present posters at ABRCMS!

Nov 2023: Erin gives a talk at the EpiCypher 2023 meeting in Cancun.

Oct 2023: Our review on noncanonical SET domain proteins is published at Journal of Molecular Biology. Congrats Winny and Isabella!

Oct 2023: Elgar Gabibov joins the lab as an AMB master’s student. Welcome Elgar!

Oct 2023: Luke Mason passes his prelim exam. Congrats Luke!